How to Become a Member

There are two ways to find the club that is the best fit for you:

  • Fill out our form. We will forward your information to our clubs and you will be contacted by clubs with shooting interests similar to yours.


  • Click here to read about each club and the types of activities they pursue. You will also find contact information so that you can begin the process of becoming a member of one of our Associated Gun Clubs.

PLEASE NOTE: If you experience any difficulty with the form or have other questions, email your questions to

Range Badge Fees

In order to use the AGC ranges (when not shooting at your club's event), you will also need to purchase an AGC Range Badge. For more information on the costs and types of range badges, please click here.

A Brief History and Description of the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc.

The Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. was formed on July 1, 1944 when a number of World War II veterans in the Baltimore, Maryland area began looking for a place for recreational and competitive shooting. They organized with several other Baltimore area shooting clubs to form the "AGC".

During its early years, the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. was formed by 15 fifteen "Charter" member shooting clubs. Today, these 15 Charter member clubs, plus an additional 17 "Associate" member clubs, form the AGC.

Strictly speaking, there are no individual "members" of AGC. Everyone is a member of one or more of the "associated gun clubs" that make up the AGC. Once you are a member in good standing of any of the associated gun clubs, you become eligible to purchase an AGC range badge. Club members, who hold an AGC range badge, are permitted use of all of the ranges owned by the AGC at our Marriottsville facility.

Important Note:  An AGC range badge does NOT authorize you to shoot on any range other than the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore ranges in Marriottsville.

The member clubs participate in many shooting sports, interests, and activities such as the following:

  • Clinics & Firearm Safety Education
  • NRA Certified Firearm Safety Instruction
  • Smallbore Rifle & Pistol
  • Centerfire Rifle & Pistol
  • Trap
  • Bench Rest Shooting
  • Bulls Eye Pistol
  • Black Powder Rifle & Pistol
  • Air Rifle / Air Pistol
  • Metallic Silhouette
  • IPSC / PPC Shoots
  • 3-Gun Events
  • CMP Program
  • Juniors Programs
  • Women On Target Events
  • Informal Matches
  • State Matches
  • Maryland Hunter Safety Program
  • Hunter Sight-In
  • Legislative Programs

Some of our clubs have organized teams that compete at the club, state, and even national level. Other clubs are more informal and participate in club level events only. Most clubs are open to all prospective members. A few clubs limit their membership to employees of certain organizations only. Some clubs own and maintain their own ranges, but most use AGC facilities exclusively.